Individual Coaching

Introductory Session

  • The first step is to receive your complimentary 15-minute  consultation.
  • If you are excited about continuing, then we set up a 50-minute intro session.
  • During the session, you will learn easy, effective techniques to reduce test anxiety.
  • Lastly, we develop a personalized curriculum to help you create lasting change


  • Consists of eight 50-minute sessions
  • Comprehensive evaluation of your sources of stress and test anxiety
  • Learn a variety of effective mindfulness techniques including meditation, affirmations, and progressive relaxation
  • E-Books on Emotional Freedom Technique & mindful fitness
  • Instructional videos & informational audios to support your daily practice
  • Articles to provide a sound understanding of our unique philosophy

What Results Can You Expect?

  • Test anxiety often reduces from acute to manageable
  • Enhanced focus and performance across all academic arenas
  • Our 30-second techniques help maintain composure during actual tests

  • Consists of fifteen 50-Minute Sessions
  • Continuation of all materials and support from the Starter Program
  • Sessions that apply mindfulness to role-playing the testing scenario
  • A complete, individualized session with our founder

What Results Can You Expect?

  • Test anxiety often reduces from acute to negligible
  • Students will feel mentally prepared days prior to test
  • Dramatically enhanced performance inside and outside the classroom
  • Multiple sessions will help shift limiting beliefs around test taking in general