Mindfulness Coaching to Reduce Test Anxiety

Learn How Our Powerful Program Supports Your Students

MTT’s students are able to successfully:

  • Earn higher test scores with less stress and more confidence
  • Reduce their test anxiety before test day even arrives
  • Utilize techniques during stressful testing moments
  • Study challenging material more efficiently and productively
  • Gain more control over their mind, body, and emotions

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Student Testimonials

“I have been working with MTT for a few months now and love their practices so much! I always feel so much calmer after our sessions. MTT has been so supportive of me as I have navigated the ACT, college applications and other stressful areas of academic life. I have learned about meditation, yoga, breathwork, nutrition and other secrets to boosting my performance in school. I couldn’t have done it without you!”

                                                                                                Sona S, San Jose, CA

“I was feeling nervous about re-taking the GMAT. I signed up for coaching sessions with MTT, felt calmer during the test, and raised my GMAT score by 120 points out of 800! I was eventually accepted into Rice University’s business school, one of the top 10 programs in the USA.”

Alex W, Houston, TX

“I was very stressed before the California Bar Exam, a three-day test with a 35% pass rate. I found MTT and immediately benefitted from their mindfulness techniques. My state of mind during the exam was surprisingly calm, enabling me to successfully pass the bar!”

Christopher P, San Francisco, Attorney-at-Law

About Mindful Test Taking

MTT’s program helps students stay calm under pressure, leading to higher test scores and better performance

Raise Test Scores
Raise Scores

Our coaches have helped students raise their scores on a wide variety of tests –
SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT and more

Empower Students

We empower students to use mindfulness
to sharpen their focus, build their
confidence, and improve their attitude

Lifelong Benefits

Our coaching program provides students
with stress relief tools and strategies
that provide lifelong benefits

Explore this powerful opportunity to boost your professional results

Professional Testimonial

“Knowing that students can noticeably reduce their test taking anxiety by taking part in Mindful Test Taking’s program makes me feel great.  Students who participate seem calmer, more focused, and better able to fully participate in their college preparation.  I know that the skills they learn at Mindful Test Taking will continue to serve them in college and beyond.”

Rebecca Field, Rebecca Field ConsultingRebecca Field, Ed.M.
Bayhill High School, Director of College Advising
Masters in Education from Harvard University

Meet Our Founder

Founder John Neville understands the pressure and academic rigors of the scholastic experience. John received a B.S. in mathematics from Stanford University and an M.S. in financial economics from the University of Oxford.

John created MTT’s entire curriculum – complete with articles, audios and videos – based on the mindfulness techniques he used to transform his health and well-being. He has been helping students reduce their test anxiety and raise their scores since 2010.

John is a master practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), medical qigong practitioner (MQP-200), and registered yoga teacher (RYT-200).

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