The Body Scan Meditation

Body Scan Meditation: The Training Wheels  Now that you realize that becoming a better relaxer will enhance your presence of mind, let’s discuss how to improve your skills. The body scan meditation is a classic way to practice progressive relaxation, and involves sensing your body from head to toe, allowing each part to relax one … Read More

Peak States of Consciousness

Presence: Begin with the End in Mind Being “present” is your end goal for overcoming your behavioral pattern. When you are fully present in your situation of choice, your pattern will have changed and your mindfulness-based efforts will have been successful. What does “being present” look and feel like? You have probably been present many … Read More

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the degree to which your body and mind are aligned, a phenomenon that happens when your awareness resides inside your body, where it belongs.

Connecting Focus & Relaxation

One of the most powerful keys to optimal performance is the ability to direct your focus and attention wherever you wish.

Alkalize Your Body

Alkalize & Optimize As you may know, a connection exists between profoundly deep (physical) relaxation and strong (mental) focus. They are essentially the same neurobiological process. This article discusses how one simple nutritional concept can massively enhance the purity of your body and therefore…your ability to relax and focus   The Alkaline Diet The Alkaline … Read More

5 Tips For Healthier Digestion

5 Keys to Digestion Digestive health is a form of status. 1x daily is not enough. 2-3x minimum is ideal. A well-functioning digestive tract is one of the keys to overall health. Apply the following to create an internal environment conducive for optimum digestion.