MTT’s Published Articles

“The Nuts and Bolts of Mindfulness”

This article was posted on It discusses how progressive relaxation is the foundational principle of mindfulness. Combining visualization of a test with mindfulness practice reduces test anxiety and creates precise behavioral change.

“The Benefits of Mindfulness”

This article for helps medical students and professionals realize that mindfulness provides enormous benefits for high stress industries. Whether preparing for the MCAT, navigating a long list of patients, or managing long multi-day shifts, individuals in the medical field have much to gain from a regular mindfulness practice.

MTT’s Guest Blogs

This article, titled “Academic Test Prep Tips” was posted by our friends at, a tutoring company based out of the South Bay Area.  View the article

Guest Podcasts

John has been interviewed by many people about the philosophy of Mindful Test Taking.

“Lighting the Educational Flame”

John and Marc Hoberman, founder and CEO of Grade Success Education, discuss how reducing stress and improving composure under pressure can dramatically improve academic performance.

“Energetic Fitness”

“Motivational Millennial” interviewed John about his theory of “energetic fitness.” Aerobic fitness gives you leaner muscles, strength training provides bigger muscles, and energetic fitness creates more relaxed muscles. Meditation, yoga, massage, acupuncture, and breathwork are just a few forms of energetic fitness.

“Mindfulness for Peak Performance”

Masterful yoga teacher Brett Larkin and John discuss that knowing how to activate mindful awareness is crucial (and rare) for yoga enthusiasts. Combining the “Reset” with asana poses can take your yoga practice to the next level.

The Power of Presence

John was invited to host an online talk radio show for 13 weeks by VoiceAmerica, the worldwide leader in the field. John discusses concepts including mindfulness, qigong, nutrition, and behavioral change technology. Top guests included David Allen (GTD), David Wolfe, Robert Tennyson Stevens, and Devon White.

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