accordion test

Introductory Session

– After a phone consultation, students can try a 40-minute introductory session for $75

– Students practice a body scan meditation to learn the secret of mindfulness: progressive relaxation

– Progressive relaxation is a learnable skill that deepens your experience of "The Flow State"

– Includes our invaluable audio series "The Science of Flow"

– Eight 50-minute sessions

– Full intake & inventory of test-related contexts that create stress

– A variet of fast, effective techniques: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Affirmations, Visualization

– E-Books on EFT & Mindful Fitness

– Instructional videos & informational audios to support your daily practice

– Articles to provide a sound understanding of the theory of mindfulness

– Over 80% of our students score higher & feel calmer as a result!

Expected Results

– Students' test-related stress will likely be reduced from acute to under control & very manageable

– They will enjoy enhanced composure & focus in other academic tests

– Our 30-second stress relief techniques can adequately settle them down during challenging test sections

– Their goal test score is now within their reach

– Fifteen 50-Minute Sessions

– All of the above materials and support

– Sessions that combine role playing the testing scenario with mindfulness practices

– A full session with our founder & CEO

Expected Results

– What’s that thing called “stress” again? 

– You will be fully prepared “internally” with over 7 days to go before the test

– Your stress level will be a “2 out of 10” in the most dire of situations

– You will have little to no need for our techniques while taking tests

– Multiple sessions will release limiting beliefs around general test taking

– Multiple sessions will transform your beliefs about time management & your academic future

– 25 fifty-minute sessions

– Our most complete package, we will utilize every tool on our belt to come as close to guaranteeing your goal score as legally possible

– AND we will work with you until you experience no stress for academic tests outside of the standardized test.

– 15 sessions will be directed towards your specific standardized test

– 10 remaining sessions will focus on stress related to school tests. 

– We will work with you until you are taking tests without a shred of tension or stress

– This package will shift the entire image you have of yourself as a test taker & peak performer

– The transformation you experience here will spill over into all areas of your life, empowering you to be reliably at your best under pressure.


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