FAQ Page

What results can students expect from practicing mindfulness?

By the end of a session, students are usually more physically relaxed and mentally calm.

This is very similar to other holistic practices: it is rare for people to take a good yoga class or receive a nice massage without feeling reduced tension in the body.

By their third session, students begin focusing the power of mindfulness towards releasing stress in one academic context (test taking, studying etc.)

Incremental improvements in their chosen context are expected each week. When students conscientiously practicing mindfulness for 15 minutes per day, stress reduction is often dramatic.

Students rate their testing stress on a scale of 0 – 10, with 10 indicating the highest level of stress. Our goal is to reduce this number by 2 points every 4-6 weeks. How much of a score increase this stress reduction corresponds to depends on the student.

How does mindfulness coaching work?

MTT teaches that progressive relaxation is the fundamental principle of mindfulness: the ability to relax is a learnable skill that provides enormous benefits to one’s health and academic performance.

The body scan meditation is a classic way to practice progressive relaxation. Students use their minds to relax their bodies, one part at a time. Repeatedly scanning their bodies enables them to relax more deeply over time.

Next, MTT incorporates visualization. When students “see” themselves in a test taking situation, their body initially tenses up. Your body responds as your thoughts are actually happening. Mindfulness techniques help unwind & re-wire this behavioral pattern.

With practice, students can learn to stay physically & mentally relaxed during the visualization. This shift corresponds to a change in how they feel during the test itself.

MTT’s program is not designed so students have to practice mindfulness during tests. The curriculum helps students clear out stress-based patterns before the test even starts.

What if my big test in a few days?

MTT regularly helps students just days before the test. These students will not undergo our usual intake process. Instead, we jump right in to incorporating visualization with progressive relaxation.

While enrolling in our program earlier is preferred, many students have reported noticeable reductions in their stress levels after just a few sessions.

In these cases, the student’s response is often: “Thank you so much. I am so glad I did this and I wish I had started sooner!”

What is Mindful Test Taking’s methodology based on?

MTT’s philosophy is called “energetic fitness.” Aerobic creates leaner muscles, strength training creates bigger muscles, and energetic fitness creates more relaxed muscles. The body’s circulation, oxygenation and immune system are boosted as a result.

Physical tension and blockages to blood flow contribute to so many behavioral and health challenges. Unwinding these blockages restores the body’s sense of balance.

This theory is aligned with principles of massage, yoga, acupuncture, naturopathy and various other Eastern practices.

What specific practices will I be learning?

All students learn the fundamental way to “be present” in the introductory session, a profound piece of theory & wisdom that provides practical value for the rest of life.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or “tapping” is taught in future sessions and is a trusted practice throughout the program. EFT’s main website receives around 10 million hits per year and includes over 5,000 testimonials and case studies.

Many practices involve combining visualization with relaxation. Students who steadily progress through the curriculum will learn simple, effective stretching & breathwork exercises designed to boost vitality.