We specialize in helping students overcome testing & academic stress.

Sessions begin with 5 minutes of relaxation. Entering this state of presence enables the participant to change at deeper levels with greater ease.

Relaxation improves the student’s body awareness and gives them a stronger understanding for how they will feel when their situation has been resolved (much more relaxed).

From here, students imagine that they are actually taking the test. As soon as they do so, their body begins to tense up.

The subconscious mind does not know the difference between fantasy and reality and therefore thinks that the test is happening right now. The subconscious mind is just one’s body and how it responds to where we put our attention.

Therefore, in focusing on the body, our mindfulness exercises help students create real, lasting change. Where specifically does the student feel tense? Part by part, we use progressive relaxation techniques to catalyze a state change as they actively maintain the visualization. Eventually, students can see, feel, and experience themselves taking the test feeling quite relaxed.

This shift in internal response corresponds to a transformation in how they experience themselves during the actual examination. Once we establish their desired state, they are off and running.

Physical relaxation addresses the mental realm as well! Negative thought patterns result from interior tension. Positive thought patterns and mental clarity result from interior relaxation, a fact that yogis, meditators and martial artists utilize as well.

Furthermore, unwinding test anxiety often transfers out into all examination scenarios. Once their test-taking state is exactly how they wish it to be, we can focus on another area of their lives: doing homework, relating to friends at school, nutrition…anything.

This revolutionary approach represents a new paradigm, a shift in focus for our society. The degree to which we can relax in any given moment is the barometer for our overall health, well-being and vitality. Improving this skill, strengthening our capacity for relaxation like a muscle is the foundation for our personal growth for people of all ages.

One student increased his GMAT score by over 100 points out of 800 after one 50-minute phone session with no extra studying in between tests.

Another student went from scoring 50’s and 60’s in all classes to making A’s and B’s after six sessions.

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