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As you may know, a connection exists between profoundly deep (physical) relaxation and strong (mental) focus. They are essentially the same neurobiological process.

This article discusses how one simple nutritional concept can massively enhance the purity of your body and therefore…your ability to relax and focus


The Alkaline Diet

The Alkaline Diet is one of Tony Robbins’ core principles behind how to ignite personal transformation.

High levels of acidity create knots & tension in the muscles (i.e. built up lactic acid) and stagnancy in the circulatory system

Alkalize Body


The pH of your blood must be between 7.25 and 7.45 at all times, basically neutral.

The body is constantly flushing excessive acidity into your muscles to keep the blood’s pH in range.

In food, 1 part acid is as strong as 4 parts base.

Optimal eating involves 80% alkaline/basic foods and 20% acidic foods to maintain a neutral pH.

However, the vast majority of foods is acidic!

Red meat, dairy, salt, sugar, alcohol, tobacco…even starch.

The only alkaline foods are vegetables (especially greens), fruits and water is neutral.

Even though tomatoes and citrus are acidic, they become highly alkaline when processed by your body.


Alkaline Foods


Acid creates knots, knots create tension, tension creates blockages in blood flow. In Chinese medicine, blood carries qi (energy), so one’s vital energy is diminished from interior tension.

Unwinding tension frees up energy, enabling us to direct our attention with great focus and intention towards our desired outcomes.

Acidity creates sore muscles, bad breath, poor hair, skin and nails.

Alkalinity clears skin, relaxes muscles, quiets mind, calms emotions and provides energy.


Emotional Toxicity

Toxic emotions such as fear, stress and anxiety are also acidic. Acidity has a snowball effect: high levels of acidity catalyze fear, which creates avoidance, procrastination and rash decision-making, which create more fear…

Starch and sugar cravings are another example of internal acidity “attracting” more acidity.

High acidity raises cortisol levels (the stress hormone). Alkalinity therefore reduces stress.


Alkalinity Prevents Disease

Tony Robbins reports looking at tracked red blood cells with doctors.

In one investigation, a tracked red blood cell literally became cancerous when entering a highly acidic part of the body…only to return to a healthy red blood cell when present in alkaline areas.


Alkaline Health


This perspective makes sense of genetic predisposition, as areas of the body can tend to collect high levels of acidity.

Tony states: genetic predisposition does not indicate whether we get disease, only where acidity tends to collect in the body.

Blood cells are positively charged with a surrounding negative charge. Acidity strips away the negative charge, causing positive and negatively charged cells to stick together, clogging arteries.

Alkalize your body. Eat vegetables. A lot of them.

Alkalizing your body is a core component of your journey to fulfilling your full potential.


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