5 Keys to Digestion

Digestive health is a form of status. 1x daily is not enough. 2-3x minimum is ideal.

A well-functioning digestive tract is one of the keys to overall health.

Apply the following to create an internal environment conducive for optimum digestion.


Ideally, your gut has 80% “good” or helpful bacteria and 20% “bad” bacteria.

Many people’s percentages are switched.

Your gut bacteria make up about 3-5 pounds of bodyweight.

To create a balance, take a probiotic every day.

I am getting great results from Goodbelly’s Fermented Coconut Water:


Choose whatever brand works for you. Probiotics are extremely gentle, and they are live food.


Morning Smoothie & Chewing Mindfully

A smoothie made from vegetables and fruits is so healthy for so many reasons.

The raw plants are high in digestive enzymes.

Being pre-chewed, the smoothie is very gentle on your digestive tract.


Avoid consuming bananas. Bananas very high in sugar and create dampness in your GI tract

Use avocado in smoothie instead.

In researching the world’s oldest (125+ y/o) people, Jeff Primack found they shared one trait: they took forever to eat their meals, chewing slowly and thoughtfully.



Most of us know it, how many of us do it?

Make breakfast your biggest meal of the day…or have two of them a couple hours apart.

Many people report not being hungry in the morning.

This is because too much food is being consumed late in the day or at night.


Do not eat 2-3 hours before bed. Finish your food by sundown.

Your digestive fire drops when the sun sets.

Abide by these latter two principles, and you will be hungry for breakfast


Avoid Dairy, Flour & Gluten


This is pretty common knowledge.

Dairy creates phlegm & puss in the body. Gross.

It stops up your nose, which is connected to your lungs.

Lungs and colon are correlated in Chinese medicine (both Metal element)

The ancient Egyptians used flour to make glue. Use flourless, sprouted wheat bread.



Drink Plenty of Warm Liquids Not During Meals

Warm liquids stoke your agni (digestive fire in ayurveda) Avoid cold liquids.

Drinking liquids with meals neutralizes helpful stomach acid. Drink between meals only.

When dehydrated, you can’t “float the boat,” meaning waste sticks to your gut like a boat on a dry riverbed. Enough said.



5 Awesome Tips for Healthier Digestion

  1. Take probiotics every day
  2. Start your morning with a fruit-veggie smoothie
  3. Eat two breakfasts or enjoy a mid-morning snack
  4. Avoid gluten, flour & dairy. Eat Sprouted Bread.
  5. Drink warm liquids & stay hydrated
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